Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CALL In-Class Task 1

Salam..let me introduce myself first.My name is Berlian Nur bt Morat.Iam from Pulau Pinang and I am currently in the last semester of my TESL degree program.

Regarding my computer skill and knowledge, I am pretty much competent in the usage of the computer programs such as the microsoft office, microsoft excel, microsoft power point, and a little bit of knowledge on microsoft publisher and front page.

Besides that, i also have knowledge on the usage of the adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator but still in the basic level as i am learning it on my own. Moreover, I am pretty much competent in using the movie maker program as i love to make and edit videos. Therefore, I am proud to say that i have created few videos on my own for my collection. I am also currently learning on how to use the Swishmax software and having a basic knowledge of it.

Apart from that, I basically do have the basic knowledge on the computer hardware such as how to burn the cds,etc.

Regarding the internet activities, I love to watch videos on Youtube and have subscription on numerous channels on Youtube. Furthermore, I also love to share pictures with my friends through my Friendster account and also add applications to my account. Besides that, i also love to download songs and videos through the internet and my favourite source is the Rapidshare. Moreover, I also like to chat with my friends online through the Yahoo Messenger.In a nut shell, it can be said that these are basically my main activities and attractions everytime I am online.

I am really looking forward for this subject because I would really love to learn on how to create my very own software!


  1. Please continue to learn Swishmax and perhaps you can teach us later

  2. swishmax? nk pjm installer bleh? (sekali ngn tutorial) ;p